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Drone Insurance Coverage

Commercial Drone Insurance.

We are not your typical 9-5 insurance agency who added a sUAS market to keep up with the industry. Our company is a team of drone enthusiasts who have an educational background in risk management. Put them together you have a team working 24/7 to service your needs, whether it’s adding endorsements to your insurance policy, adding a UAV to your fleet, adding a crash warranty to your new drone, or getting your broken drone repaired. We become our partner’s wingman.

UAS & UAV Insurance

Fly Safe, Not Sorry!™


We didn’t just pick up an aviation carrier to service a few drone inquires. We have many contracts with top aviation insurance carriers to find the best policy to fit your unique business model. Pilot in command with an FAA 333 exemption? Excellent! No licensed pilot, no exemption? No problem! Stop wasting your time doing research, we already did it for you!

There is UAV insurance coverage whether you have your FAA 333 exemption, or not.  Aviation insurance carriers evaluate each sUAS company on an individual basis. An FAA 333 Exemption is just an indication to what insurance company to take you UAV application to!


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FAA 333 Exemption

Are you flying your expensive UAS without a warranty? We did...and we crashed. Don't make the same mistake we made. Skyvuze Technologies provides full-coverage warranties with comprehensive parts & labor protection. Fully renewable, our warranty coverage encompasses liquid damage, accidental damage, major manufacturer parts, and starts the day you purchase.

You get 100% part/labor coverage for the drone body, and our full international coverage extends to wherever you are!