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5 Ways ‘Part 107’ Can Benefit the National Job Market

Part 107 is a proposed rule by the FAA that would open up the commercial drone market across the country. To view the related article we put out about Part 107 and Exemption 333, click HERE. If this rule is approved and passed, we will see a rise of commercial drones, which will lead to job growth for many companies. Here are just five examples of how this new rule can tremendously benefit the job market:


 Drone Operator Jobs – Once it is easier for businesses to obtain legal permissions to fly drones for company use, it is only a matter of time until Drone Operator becomes a legitimate job that is prevalent at companies of all sizes. From mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 firms, UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) have a multitude of uses that can help save companies and customers time and money. And, don’t be fooled by the name, these may be “unmanned,” but they do require a skilled operator to navigate them from the ground to their destination.


❑  New Departments Within Companies – For mid-large sized businesses who require multiple commercial drones, new departments will have to be formed to keep up with production, deliveries, photography, research, and many other purposes. Just picture a nationwide clothing retailer being able to bring that new (insert Dad’s favorite sports team here) hat to your Pop’s door for Father’s Day! Convenient, cost-effective, and cool. These departments would require drone operators, managers, trainers, and customer service specialists to keep up with the UAS trends.


The larger the company becomes, the more UAS’s they’ll need. Increase in drones means that these businesses will also need programmers, consultants, logistics planners, and other UAS-specific jobs.

❑  Drone Insurance Careers – Here at Skyvuze Technologies, we take pride in being ahead of the curve. We are on the forefront of an exciting, cutting-edge industry. As the commercial UAS market expands, companies will continue to realize the importance of protecting their valuable aerial assets by implementing coverage for their unmanned aircrafts. Drones can range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, which is why it is critical to proactively protect your corporate drones. Soon insurance for drones will be just as prevalent as auto, homeowner’s, and health insurance, which will open up jobs across the country. If you are seeking business drone insurance for your aircraft, click HERE to view our online application!

❑  Government Positions – As the industry grows, so does the regulatory committees that oversee the business. From political consultants to administrators with the FAA, there will likely be many opportunities to get a drone-oriented government job. Once Drone Operator becomes a common occupation, public and private schools will need to implement programs, which leads to more teaching jobs.

❑  More Drone Businesses & Entrepreneurial Opportunities – If Part 107 is accepted, we look forward to seeing people across the globe follow their dreams like we did and bring friendly competition into the drone industry. Progress like this would be monumental in catapulting commercial UAS use to a whole new level! For more information on our services, check out or call 888-706-8561.