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Why should InterDrone attendees be interested in drone insurance?

If you ask a layperson, or even an avid drone enthusiast, “What’s the most exciting thing going on with drones right now?” chances are you won’t be met with a response detailing the importance and necessity of drone insurance coverage. As the nation’s leading commercial drone insurance agency, we are well aware of this fact.

However, we are also well aware of the fact InterDrone 2016 will be a great opportunity to provide some necessary information for the edification of drone operators in all sectors. With this knowledge in hand, we want everyone who’s anyone (as well as anyone with a stake in the drone industry) to know that we’ll have a few things available to spice up the topic of drone insurance at InterDrone 2016.

We here at Skyvuze Technologies are offering this blog post to the entire drone community in hopes that it will inspire them to stop by and visit. At booth 805, you can hear first-hand about the insurance solutions we can provide. Read on to learn about some of the enticing things we’ll have available to any interested parties at our booth for this year’s InterDrone conference in Las Vegas.


Free Stuff

Look–we understand why you might be tempted to turn down a presentation on drone insurance. But we don’t know many people who would turn down a free GoPro HERO session, or anything free, for that matter. That’s why we’re going to be offering the following prizes to a few lucky visitors to our booth this year:

  • GoPro HERO Sessions
  • $50 Visa Gift Cards
  • $10 Visa or Amazon Gift Cards
  • Extra Scratch & Win Tickets
  • Phantom 4 Case
  • And more!


Inspire 1 v2.0 Raffle

Try your luck with a $10 raffle ticket to win a brand new Inspire 1 v2.0! At booth 805, you’ll learn a bit about Skyvuze Technologies, and could possibly leave with a $2,000 advanced drone, imagine that! If you’re attending InterDrone 2016, it’s essential that you advance your understanding of the insurance side of the drone industry. If you need an incentive to do just that, we are holding an Inspire 1 v2.0 raffle along with the many exciting giveaways.


We just want to wrap this post up with a bit of praise for our company’s Insurance Director, Drew Hoffmann. Drew is undoubtedly a leader both here at Skyvuze Technologies and in the drone insurance sector. In keeping with that, he will be participating in InterDrone’s lead-off panel discussion, “Insuring Your Drone Business: What You Need to Know.” All prospective InterDrone attendees are strongly encouraged to stop by this discussion and learn about insurance from some of the industry’s leading thinkers.
For more information about the solutions we provide, browse the rest of our site or give us a call. To learn more about InterDrone 2016 and what we’ll have available there, check out this press release: