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5 Reasons To Go Get A Drone Today

The drone market is soaring—no pun intended. In 2015, the market brought in an estimated $130 million in sales. In 2018, that number is projected to exceed $1 billion.


With all those drones hitting the skies, you’re going to want to get insurance for your drone. That’s where Skyvuze Technologies come into play. Skyvuze is a leading provider of drone insurance. Since most personal drone use can be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, Skyvuze is a leading insurance provider for commercial drone business.


Since drone use is already starting to become popular amongst photography and videography companies, here are five creative reasons you should go out and pick up a new drone today:


  1. Real Estate Photography and Videography – Using drones to create beautiful aerial stills and videos for real estate is one of the most common uses for drones for commercial purposes.


You don’t even need to be in real estate to seize this great opportunity. A real estate company may be willing to pay you for photo and video of their listings without having to do it themselves.


NOTE: A FAA approved 333 exemption and a pilot’s license is required in order to use your drone for commercial purposes.


  1. Photography Business – In 2017, it would be silly to run a photography company and not have any desire to add drones to your arsenal. Drones are quickly becoming popular for weddings and events. By offering drone photography and videography, you are offering your clients a new kind of special package.


NOTE: Again, the FAA regulates the use of drones for commercial purposes, requiring a FAA 333 exemption and a pilot’s license in order to be able to run your drone for commercial purposes.


  1. For Fun – One of the biggest reasons behind the explosion in popularity amongst drones is that it’s just plain fun. Even with the FAA rolling out new consumer regulations that limit what you can and can’t do, drones are still a ton of fun to fly.


Outside of all the benefits that may come financially through commercial drone use, the bottom line is that drone flying of any sorts is fun. You can even find drone racing leagues around you.


  1. Animal Problem? – Skyvuze Technology is located in Cherry Hill, NJ. In New Jersey and along the east coast in suburban areas, it is not uncommon to come across a bear or other wild animal in your backyard. Flying your drone in the backyard to scare off the animal can be one of the most safe and successful ways to scare off an animal.


  1. More Affordable – The number one reason you should be looking into getting a drone is that drones are becoming much more affordable. The days of thinking a drone is gonna cost you a couple of thousand dollars are long gone. While a top-of-the-line recreational drone can still run you around $2,000-$4,000, you can pick up a consumer drone for as little as $40.


The Syma X5C comes equipped with a camera and some advanced features like return-to-home for just $50. While the X5C shoots only in 720p and doesn’t have a gimbal to stabilize video, it shows you a little preview of what you can get for more money. Mo Money, Mo Features.



After you pick up your new drone, contact Skyvuze Technologies to browse insurance for drones. We at Skyvuze Technologies take pride in offering you the best insurance plan possible. To learn more about how you can ensure your drone, contact our team at Skyvuze Technologies at 888-706-8561.