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Drone Photography Services

Drone Photography is an idea that seemed far-fetched just a year or two ago. Today, there are hundreds of companies that can take stunning aerial photos for any kind of occasion. From weddings to live concerts, a drone can help capture the moment in a way that’s never truly been done before.

There are even international drone photography competitions going on. Dronestagram, The Guardian and The Civil Aviation Authority partnered with the tourism board VisitEngland are just a handful of drone photography competitions.

If you're interested in starting your own drone photography commercial business, Skyvuze Technology can get you fitted with a drone liability insurance policy. We work with you to get you the best policy that works for you at the most desirable rate possible.

drone photography services

5 Tips That Will Change Your Drone Photographs

#5 Format

There are many different formats to take photos with your drone. Two of the most popular being 16:9 and 4:3. This decision mostly just comes down to personal preference, but we personally suggest that you use both. Yes, it may take longer to capture photos, but, it'll be worth it during post-production. You'll thank us later.

#4 Bracketing

Bracketing isn't a feature that comes standard on every single drone. But, if that feature is there, it is a must use. Bracketing takes three to five photos and allows you to alter the exposure, shading and lighting from any of the combined five photos.

#3 Unique Angles

Unlike traditional cameras, you are no longer limited to being in the right spot at the right location. Drones are different because they can open up new possibilities that you never once could have accomplished before. Be creative. Experiment.

#2 RAW

Every professional photographer will say that the best way to shoot is in RAW format. RAW format gives the most freedom to correct flaws in exposure or color. Since most drone cameras resolution is only 12MP, using RAW format is even more crucial.

Even if you only shoot for fun, you wouldn't want to miss a chance of capturing that jaw-dropping moment because your photos are compressed to .jpg.

#1 Post-Processing

Easily our biggest tip is the importance of post-processing. Resizing, Straightening and correcting the color of a photo via apps like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop can transform your photos.

Don't be lazy. You will be amazed how a photo may look average at the time can turn into beautiful photo just through post-processing the photo.

Post-processing goes hand and hand with tip #4 bracketing. Having three to five photos to be able to adjust flaws and then post-process can be crucial to creating an absolutely stunning photo.

Now more than ever is the perfect opportunity to pull the trigger and start your own drone photography company. Buy yourself a drone, take some great photos and put together a great portfolio. Once your portfolio is up to your standards and you think you're ready to start taking on customers, you're going to need to get yourself insured through Skyvuze Technology.

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